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The activities from january – february 2013

February 13, 2013

A new month means new volunteers. Last month we had Fleur, Eva, Lisa and Nina. This month Nina and Lisa are still here together with Merel and Rianne, two spontanious, motivated girls! This blog update is about the last chedra activities.

A new year, a new beginning for the chedra project. We made a bathroom for the jjajja Bernadette, because the other one was too old to use. We had great teamwork, everybody was busy doing something! Some people were cutting a tree and others making a robe out of banana leaves, for instance. She was very happy with us and her new bathroom and at the same day she used the bathroom already! Besides that, have we worked very hard at making a bruding-house for little chickens. We worked with long poles and papyrus. First, we  measured everything and made a skeleton of the poles. Then we attached all the papyrus on the poles, so that the heat can not get out. Little chickens need a lot of warmth! We finished it last month and welcomed the little chicks last week. They are really cute! Every thursday we will be vaccinating them, so that they don’t get ill. 
We also went to the deaf school, which was really impressive. First I want to say that it is great that there is a special school for deaf children here in  Masaka and that Chedra is helping them! Everybody deserves good education. We gave a lesson about how to eat healthy. Sometimes chidren are underfed and their family doesn’t know about how to eat healthy. We showed them te food-circle, which exists out of 5 parts: minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Not all the parts of the circle are equal. The smaller parts need to be eaten less than the bigger parts. At the end was a quiz. We showed them different kinds of food and they had to fill them in in the foodcircle. Potatoes, for instance, belong to the carbohydrates part. 
We also are very active at the Bugabira school. Last month we did a lesson about HIV/aids. We also painted the latrines at the Bugabira school. At first we thought the school could use some colour, but most important: we wanted to teach them something about hygien with the paintings! We painted the message: “Please wash your hands after using the latrine” on the wall. Next to the latrines we also have made a tippytap (a hand-washing system) next to it. Hopefully the children will learn something from this!
Today we were at the Bukabira school again. We tought that these children could use some fun as well, so we played some (dutch) games with them. We stood in a circle and there was one kid who turned around with his eyes closed. Then we chose someone who was ‘the winker’. This person had to wink to people in the class and them these children had to sit. E person with his eyes closed then had to guess who the winker was. This game is in Holland known as: ‘moordenaartje’. We also made some varities in this games. The last game was ‘zakdoekje leggen’. They already knew the game and they had their own song with it! We had so much fun together! 

Hopefully a lot of beautiful things are there to come for Chedra this month! 


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