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July 17, 2013




Hi everyone!  The  Bugabira School community, Teachers  and Children  would like to thank you through Chedra, for your continued support, love and care that is through global giving towards supporting the vulnerable children in Bugabira Primary School catchment areas. You are so wonderful!

Through your support, we have been able to support 30 vulnerable children with scholastic materials and other basic necessities towards providing quality and accessible education. In this way, you have contributed to reducing ignorance, illiteracy and poverty driven lifestyles of the Children and their immediate families. Your support is immeasurable!

The school administration together with the parent’s representatives had a meeting and came up with the best method to utilize this support. Accordingly, they chose the most vulnerable and these have been provided with books and that are needed during the course of the term therefore, the poor parents and the guardians of these children have been relived from buying books, uniforms and other scholastic materials for the children since through your donations, these have been accessed. Thank you!

Through your donations the children in the Bugabira School have also been availed with free school uniforms. This has relieved parents, some of whom are victims of HIV/AIDS who can not afford to buy school uniforms. They are happy to see their children smart in school attire. In addition, this makes all children to fill equal in status and it reduces stigmatization and discrimination that the poor ones may face by ‘looking different’ from the rest of the school.

The Bugabira School children have also been provided with pens and pencils through your donations during this period. This has enabled children to improve in their writing skills and also solved the problem of children having missing notes with reasons such as ‘I did not have a pen or pencil to use during the lesson.’ This has improved on the performance of children in this school. Since they are able to copy their own notes which become easier to revise and understand. All the above scholastic materials that are being provided to these vulnerable children as a result of your donations.

Due to your support, Bugabira Primary school has made commitment to provide nutritious breakfast to the pupils (porridge) mixed with sugar. This has improved the well being of all the children. They look nice, healthy and happy .This has made these children to feel at home while in school, since some even don’t get the chance of taking sugar while at home and this is because the parents can not afford to buy the sugar. For this reason, the children are happy and feel they have a family (School) that takes care of them. All the above is providing relief to the needy children because of your generous love.

Happy children at school compound

Thank you once again for your donations, love and support through GlobalGiving!




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