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About Us

CHEDRA was the initiative of a group of Ugandan youth who wished to respond directly to the physical and psychological impact caused by HIV and AIDS. Created in 2005, CHEDRA started as a self-help group for children and vulnerable adults and registered as a non-government organization with the Masaka District Administration. Over the years, CHEDRA has expanded into a multifaceted organisation that tackles the root causes of HIV infection and other local health issues.

CHEDRA runs education campaigns about HIV prevention, care and treatment, whilst also addressing the medical and psychological needs of people living with the virus. CHEDRA also works to improve the living conditions of poor communities by constructing village infrastructure, including; sanitation facilities, rainwater tanks, clean cooking stoves and kitchen gardens.  Finally, CHEDRA aims to promote the capacity of communities to effectively manage their own well-being. This includes designing income-generation projects for vulnerable groups and facilitating access to quality education for disadvantaged children.Most recently, CHEDRA opened its first primary school, Bugabira Community School, on February 6th 2012.

CHEDRA works with a range of local grassroots development partners and also international organizations. Each year, CHEDRA receives volunteers and interns from Be-More (based in Holland) and the Foundation for Sustainable Development (based in San Fransisco).


To see a prosperous and healthy community in the  Masaka District.


To work with local communities to improve the quality of life of people infected and / or affected by HIV and Aids and to support the special needs of orphans and vulnerable children and people with disabilities.


  • Compassion:  CHEDRA recognises the importance of equal treatment for all individuals, regardless of race, sex or creed.
  • Transparency: CHEDRA works to enhance clear communication within and between organizations and communities
  • Team work: CHEDRA  works as a cohesive unit to maintain efficiency and efficacy as an organization.
  • Integrity: CHEDRA’s work is always underwritten by an appreciation of the organization’s vision and mission
  • Partnership: CHEDRA emphasises the significance of obtaining and maintaining good relations with other stakeholders


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