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Bugabira Income Generation

Many children living in the Masaka region have no access to primary school education. Due to the HIV epidemic, many children are orphans and others face an uncertain future as their guardians struggle with poverty and ill-health. Children in this area are commonly malnourished and illiterate. Accessible schools   charge high fees which guardians, especially those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, cannot afford. This situation needs immediate attention as the future of the community is at stake.

CHEDRA, in partnership with Be-More, constructed Bugabira Community Primary School to tackle this issue and help foster a new generation of empowered Masaka youth with the skills and knowledge to tackle to problems of today, as well as those of the future.

The school opened on February 6h 2012, with 135 pupils in grades Kindergarten to Primary 5. A team of dedicated teachers have designed a school curriculum that helps compensate for the lack of or low-quality education most of the students have so-far received. CHEDRA is meanwhile overseeing continuing work on the school buildings and, in conjunction with a team of volunteers, designing a range of small-scale agriculture projects to improve the nutrition of the students and also generate some income for the school. Every shilling made will go towards offering fee-free places for the neediest students. Ideally, the school would like to provide education to all students free-of-charge, however the level of financial security that would allow the abolition of the current small fees charged for attendance is at present unobtainable.

The planned agriculture projects are:

  • A vegetable garden to supplement the diet of pupils and reduce school expenditure on food (2 meals a day are provided to all students)
  • A chicken coop, to produce eggs both for consumption and sale
  • A school cow, to produce milk for consumption and sale

Planting will ideally begin in late March 2012, with the other projects unfolding over the following 2 months.

Check-out the update on the school cow initiaitve:

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