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HIV Testing Drive

CHEDRA has an ongoing mission to test and offer referral services (when necessary) to as many individuals as possible within the Masaka District. The current target groups are students, at both primary and secondary school, young women and people living in local trading centers. Every day, CHEDRA staff go out into the field and mobilise people for upcoming testing sessions. This involves door-to-door knocking, making community announcements or contacting local leaders who can then spread the relevant information. CHEDRA aims to identify HIV positive people in the early stages of the infection. This way, relevant medications and counseling services can be provided as soon as possible, ensuring that individuals maximise their physical and psychological health.

The testing itself takes place in conjunction with Uganda Cares, another HIV/AIDS orientated organisation based in Masaka. This partnership is evidence of a large network of groups striving to control the spread of the virus.

Many preventative programs have been put in places, but the continuing proliferation of HIV throughout Masaka (and Uganda!) justifies even greater efforts.

It is for this reason that CHEDRA has increased its testing targets and also begun to implement programs that target some of the root causes of HIV/AIDS (general poverty, ignorance about modes of HIV infection, poor sexual health practices)

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