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CHEDRA supports a holistic approach to the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other local health concerns. This means that the organisation engages directly with affected individuals as well as at risk communities. CHEDRA aims to address the root causes of HIV/AIDS and general ill-health (ignorance, poverty and poor living conditions) whilst also enhancing the capacity of communities to tackle problems from within.

Below is a general breakdown of CHEDRA’s day-to-day activities. Links to current project profiles can be found at the bottom of the page.

HIV/AIDS Testing and Education

A serious impediment to HIV/AIDS prevention is ignorance and fear amongst local communities. CHEDRA therefore designs and implements programs to teach churches, schools and community groups about infection, treatment and prevention.

This work commonly occurs in conjunction with HIV testing sessions, where blood tests are offered free-of-charge and infected individuals are provided with counseling and referred to other organisations for medical treatment.

See below for the profile of the current HIV Testing Drive program

General Health Education

CHEDRA also provides local primary and secondary schools with general information sessions on hygiene, puberty, and sexual health. This work is commonly undertaken by interns and volunteers who engage students with their fresh faces and new ideas!

See below for a profile of the current School Health Education program

Community Infrastructure Construction

Poor sanitation and cooking facilities are common causes of ill-health amongst local families. CHEDRA therefore identifies needy individuals and works to finance and build relevant infrastructure. Common construction projects include;  pit latrines, rainwater harvesting tanks, energy saving stoves and tippy-taps.

CHEDRA also aims to address poor-nutrition amongst local families, especially those with children. Constructing vegetable gardens is an easy and cost-effective way to address this issue and additionally opens up an opportunity for income generation.

Income Generation Projects

CHEDRA assists local families and groups in designing small-scale, sustainable means to generate funds. Previous projects have been agricultural (growing salable crops and keeping chickens or goats) or industrial (making charcoal and handicrafts).

See below for a profile of the current Bugabira Income Generation project

Supporting Local Education

CHEDRA currently supports the education of 7 local children. This involves paying school fees and purchasing uniforms and study materials.

CHEDRA has also recently constructed a primary school – Bugabira Community School – which aims to offer affordable, high-quality education to the children of surrounding villages. These areas are amongst the poorest in Masaka and the children have either never before had the opportunity to study (most schools within walking distance of the area charge high fees that poor families simply cannot afford) or have attended government-schools where the standard of education is very low.

Bugabira Community School cannot currently survive without charging small attendance fees. CHEDRA however would like to supplement the school’s income and therefore provide fee-free places for the neediest students.

A fund-raising campaign is currently being run to this end with Global Giving

Bugabira is also the recipient of various small-scale agriculture projects designed to improve the nutrition of students and generate some income for the school. See below for the project profile.


HIV Testing Drive

School Health Education

Bugabira Income Generation

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