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CHEDRA partners with various local and international organizations. Working in collaboration with other bodies is an effective way to share information and maximise the resource pool available to achieve our goals.

International Partners

CHEDRA and Uganda Cares staff conducting HIV testing

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

AHF,  in partnership with the Ugandan Ministry of Health operates a program known as Uganda Cares, which partners with CHEDRA on HIV testing and treating projects. Uganda Cares  provides antiretrovial treatments, palliative care, psychological support, testing services, counseling services and prevention services to communities infected and affected with HIV/AIDS.

Be More

Be More is a Dutch and British charity which works with small development organizations across Africa and Asia, providing them with volunteers, interns, skills training and financial support. CHEDRA has received over 400 Be More volunteers and interns.

Foundation for Sustainable Development

FSD is a US-based not-for-profit organization that supports grassroots development organizations with financial and human resources. CHEDRA has received a number of interns from FSD and has worked with them to develop economically sustainable community-based initiatives.

FSD staff members

Local Partners

Masaka District Network for AIDS Service Organizations

MADNASO is a collective of Masaka-based organizations that run programs connected to the testing, treating and prevention of HIV/AIDS. MADNASO is designed to promote dialogue and cooperation between these bodies. CHEDRA Executive Director Kigozi Moses serves on the MADNASO board.

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