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HIV Education Program

Ignorance about HIV transmission and prevention is one of the most serious factors exacerbating the proliferation of the virus. For this reason, CHEDRA, in partnership with 2 interns from Be-More, Holland, has created an HIV/AIDS education program aimed at secondary students aged 14-20.

Educating youth about HIV means they are more likely to practice safe sex when adults, ideally slowing the rate of HIV infection and preventing another generation of children being born with the disease.

After examining the current school health curriculum, the project team designed a series of five ‘best practice’ lessons that investigate:

  • General information about HIV/Aids
  • Testing and treatment
  • Condom use
  • Safe male circumcision

The program will be a valuable resource for CHEDRA has it seeks to dispel myths about HIV and slow the rate of infection amongst the local community.




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