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Volunteering and Internships

Each year, CHEDRA receives volunteers and interns from all over the world. Many are supported by the organization’s international partners; Be-More and the Foundation for Sustainable Development. As a small, local organization, work experience with CHEDRA offers an insight into grassroots development practices, challenges and rewards.

Working closely with local communities gives volunteers and interns the chance to form cross-cultural ties, both professional and personal, and to learn firsthand about Ugandan culture. CHEDRA embraces the contribution of individuals and groups from around the world who wish to assist Ugandan communities gain the capacity they need to drive change from within.

Some volunteers work primarily to assist CHEDRA’s existing projects; offering free labour and fresh ideas. Others, especially those completing an internship, design and implement their own projects with the support of CHEDRA staff. All new projects must of course complement CHEDRA’s overarching aims. Previous projects of this type have included:

Health Empowerment

  • Designing community education sessions about the prevention of HIV
  • Conducting workshops that address the social stigma attached to HIV / AIDS suffers
  • Designing workshops on positive sexual health practices for school students
  • Educating communities about sanitation and other basic health practices; such as the need to boil water before drinking
  • Sourcing and distributing mosquito nets to control Malaria infection


  • Constructing rainwater harvesting tanks to provide villages with safe drinking water
  • Constructing energy-efficient stoves to promote economical and environmentally-friendly cooking practices
  • Building community sanitation facilities
  • Constructing kitchen gardens
  • Designing income-generating projects (small-scale agriculture, handiwork) for vulnerable groups, notably women and girls
  • Working with local teachers to design education programs for local primary schools


  • Visiting and counseling HIV / AIDS sufferers
  • Establishing support networks for vulnerable individuals and groups

For more information about volunteering with CHEDRA, see the Contact Us page or visit:

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